Roof Mounted Power Ventilation System

Roof Mountain power ventilation System : Easiest way of Industrial Ventilatio

Roof Mountain power ventilation may help control moisture in winter and remove heat from the attic, in the summer; and may also be useful in strategies involving convective stack ventilation (in hot climates) or to avoid ice dams, in cold climates.
Anyway, alone, roof ventilation will not solve thermal problems in the living space below the attic (see Box). And it all depends largely on climate and home design issues.This page presents the different types of attic ventilation systems – soffit and ridge vents; gabble vents; roof-louver&lt

Details Of Roof mountain Ventilation System

  1. Body Materials : FRP
  2. Blade Aluminum  Alloy/FRP/S.S
  3. Number Of Blade : 03 Pcs
  4. Motor :IP55 Grade f Class Insulation
  5. Rain Protection FRP
  6. Country of OriginTaiwan



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