HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan

HVLS Fan : High Voltage Low Speed Ceiling fan for Industry.

HVLS Fan also known as High Voltage Low Speed. HVLS fan is generally ceiling fan used in industrial sector. HVLS fans move slowly and distribute bulk amounts of air at low rotational speed. The Tool Master & Engineering Co. imports hight HVLS Industrial ceiling fans from China. We are best supplier of bangladesh.

HVLS Fans : Air Circulate Solution for Large Commercial Building

HVLS fans are used to circulate air in large commercial buildings. They are particularly useful in warehouses and manufacturing facilities that have high ceilings. Most industrial ceiling fans have metal or hard plastic blades and spin at very high RPMs. Because of the high velocity at which they spin, they must be installed at least 10 feet from the ground and are not considered safe for residential applications. Industrial fans are also used to draw the heat down from the ceiling and are often referred to as heat fans. The Emerson industrial ceiling fan models that have the high grade motors will last the longest and have the best performance.

Model TMEC-HV-3600 TMEC-HV-5200 TMEC-HV-6200 TMEC-HV-7200
Fan Diameter (mm) 3600 5200 6200 7200
Number Of Blade 05 05 05 05
Motor Power (KW) 1.1 1.5 1.5 1.5
Rated Voltage (V/PH/HZ) 380V, 3-P, 50Hz 380V, 3-P, 50Hz 380V, 3-P, 50Hz 380V, 3-P, 50Hz
The Maximum Air Speed (m/s) 3 3.5 4 4.5
The Maximum Rotate Speed (RPM) 65 62 58 55
Total Weight (KG) 100 105 110 115
Area Covered (m2) 900 1100 1300 1450

VFD Control


Power Supply: 380V/3P/50Hz, control panel specifies with Schneider load switch; Denmark imported Danfoss VFD, Frequency converter with the functions of over current, over voltage, under voltage, phase lack, overload and overheat protection. It would automatically stop when the motor is stuck and the fan blades are blocked.

Fan Blade


Made of 6061 high quality 2mm thick aviation aluminum magnesium with T6 treatment, features corrosion resistance, high strength, high toughness, fatigue resistance and anti-oxidation treatment. Surface smooth then easy to clean. The blade is Concave & Convex design up to aerodynamics principle, with special winglet at end, the individual blade length is 3400mm.


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