Glass Steel Exhaust Fan: FRP Fan at best price in Bangladesh.

Glass Steel Exhaust Fan at very low price in Bangladesh

Glass Steel Exhaust also known as FRP Wall Exhaust Fan. FRP negative pressure fan is a new sort of ventilation equipment . Which is made from anti-corrosion FRP material. It belongs to axial flow fan. Outer frame of the fan is formed of anti-corrosion optical fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), the working rule is to use negative pressure to vary air to realize air circulation and ventilation. So it’s called a FRP negative pressure fan. Glass Steel Exhaust fan or FRP negative pressure fan has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high air volume, low energy consumption, low speed and low noise.

Glass Steel Exhaust also known as FRP Wall Exhaust Fan. FRP fans that typically outperform aluminum primarily due to manufacturing
limitations of the assembly of aerodynamic shapes with Aluminum. The very nature of
FRP allows us to form any desired shape and twist of the blade as required to realize
maximum performance. A properly designed blade will have a non-symmetrical air
foil with a variable chord and twist to catch up on the peripheral change in speed
from the blade tip to the wide chord. There are a couple of aluminum fans that do approach this
design by different methods but generally don’t offer quite the maximum amount efficiency.

Performance Characteristics

  • Reasonable cone designing with big air volume, low noise, strong exhausting capacity, low running cost.
  • Imported bearing, high strength, low noise and long service life.
  • Shutter are made of high strength fiber glass sheet, anti-oxidation, light weight and no distortions, open flexibility, anti-air flow.
  • Mirror designed and injection molding stainless steel blade, with big air volume, never distortion and Broken.




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