Carpet or Floor drying Fan


Floor drying fan is specifically designed to speed up the drying process of carpet, hard floors and public toilet after cleaning by pulling warm, dry air from above and directing it across the floor, working at high-velocity airflow rates.
The use of floor drying fan and blower will provide the air circulation and targeted air flow that’s necessary to achieve thorough drying.
For best results, you should allow the floor dryer to operate on a 24/7 basis for up to a week after the carpet appears to be completely dry inside and out.
This ensures that no trapped moisture is remaining in the carpeting or padding.


Using specialized tools for drying carpets and hard-surface floors can save you so much time and energy. Below are the advantages of floor drying fans and blowers:

Speedy drying – can’t bear to walk on soggy carpets? It takes several days or weeks for carpets to dry without the intervention of a floor drying fan. Water damage specialists recommend drying carpets within 48 hours right after it has been cleaned to avoid the build-up of mold and mildew.

A floor drying fan can significantly cut drying time and prevent the onset of hazardous microorganisms.

Highly portable – despite their robust power and performance, industrial floor drying fans have a portable design that makes operation, transportation and application fast and easy. Targeted features – floors and carpets may be the hardest to dry because warm air doesn’t stay low in the ground. What makes floor blower effective is that they uniformly direct air across floors, something that standard fans cannot do.

Floor blower has profound uses and applications not only in property restoration but also in janitorial industry.


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